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Pavillion Renovation March 2008

After the success of the internal renovation of the club in 2006 (Click here for details) and the installation of benches and the sign in 2007 we have more to do this spring.

After some exploration of the state of the verandah it is clear that this area of the pavillion needs urgent work. The timber underneath the floorboards is rotting away at an alarming rate and sadly needs to be replaced. The pictures below show this in lurid detail (more pictures click here)

The pictures show a rotting and dangerously weak floor that will only get worse in the near future. After some consultation we have been advised that this entire area needs to replaced.

Our original intention was to replace the old railings at the front, but after some consideration it seems that a slightly more ambituous approach is available to us. Namely, removing those railings to leave an open view of the ground and installing steps along the whole width of the pavillion, thus appearing to be a small terrace.

The verandah floor is to be replaced with hardboard treated decking wood, while the roof support needs to be replaced as well, these are weak and causing the roof to sag. Shown below.

Once the roof is properly supported we can then house the scoreboard to the left of the pavillion instead of its current location in the middle of the right hand side. This work will leave the appearance of the pavillion more open and less untidy and should benefit all those who enjoy watching the game from the boundary edge.

All members are invited to help with this work as it really is essential, the plan is to crack on with this on Easter weekend (24/3-27/3)