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Keiran Maher

Keiran Maher: Debut 2012

Comfortably one of the most enthusiastic and keen young cricketers at OSCC, Kieran is emerging as a spin bowling all-rounder, with an ability to eat vast quantities of food without gaining weight that makes the more rotund players green with jealousy.

Kieran's leg-spin is un-polished at the moment as he learns his trade, but his ability to turn the ball prodigiously with great flight will eventually turn expensive bowling spells into something more productive when the loose balls are eliminated from his game.

A brave and aggressive batsman who scores quickly despite the efforts of his umpiring nemesis Josh Hook (he has given him out LBW 4 times for a duck before the 1st half of 2013 season has completed).

His fielding is almost as impressive as his Gattingesque ability to eat food.