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1st Team Fixtures 2000

Type Date Opponents H/A Start Result  Report Scorecard
ML 22-Apr Biggleswade 2nd's H 14:00      
F 06-May Loughton Town H 14:00      Scorecard
NHL 07-May Houghton Town H 14:00      
ML 13-May Hexton III's A 14:00      Scorecard
NHL 14-May Ickleford A 14:00      Scorecard
ML 20-May Caldecote A 14:00      Scorecard
NHL 21-May The Cricketers A 14:00      
F 27-May Luton Nomads A 14:00      
ML 28-May Higham Ferrars H 14:00      
F 03-Jun Luton Nalgo H 14:00      Scorecard
NHL 04-Jun The Cricketers H 14:00      Scorecard
F 10-Jun Great Gaddesden H 14:00      
NHL 11-Jun Graveley H 14:00      Scorecard
NHL 17-Jun Rosslyn A 14:00      Scorecard
NHL 18-Jun Weston H 14:00      Scorecard
ML 24-Jun Shefford A 14:00      
NHL 25-Jun Houghton Town A 14:00      
ML 01-Jul Ickwell A 14:00      
ML 02-Jul Higham Ferras A 14:00      
ML 08-Jul Blunham A 14:00      
NHL 09-Jul Weston A 14:00      
F 15-Jul Steppingley A 14:00      
ML 16-Jul The Cricketers 2nd's H 14:00      Scorecard
ML 22-Jul Houghton Town H 14:00      Scorecard
ML 23-Jul The Cricketers 2nd's A 14:00      Scorecard
ML 29-Jul Biggleswade 2nd's A 14:00      
NHL 30-Jul Cokenach A 14:00      
ML 05-Aug Shefford H 14:00      
NHL 06-Aug Gravely A 14:00      
ML 12-Aug Caldecote H 14:00      
NHL 13-Aug Therfield A 14:00      
ML 19-Aug Houghton Town A 14:00      
NHL 20-Aug Rosslyn H 14:00      
(Tour) 21-Aug Bournemouth Cricket Club A 14:00      
(Tour) 22-Aug Lymington A 14:00      
(Tour) 23-Aug Bashley A 14:00      
(Tour) 24-Aug New Milton T 14:00      
(Tour) 25-Aug Broadstone T 14:00      
ML 26-Aug Ickwell H 14:00      
NHL 27-Aug Cokenach H 14:00      
F 02-Sep Long Stanton A 14:00      
F 03-Sep Hatfield Hyde H 14:00      
ML 09-Sep Hexton H 14:00      
NHL 10-Sep Therfield H 14:00      
F 16-Sep Harpenden II's H 14:00      
NHL 17-Sep Ickleford H 14:00      
F 23-Sep Great Gaddesden A 14:00      
F 24-Sep Hatfield Hyde A 14:00