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And now, the end is near

And so I face the final over

You cunts, you may well jeer

But my career is almost over

I always tried to hit the ball

And score some runs along the highway

And yet, much more than this

I did it my way

Now runs, I’ve scored a few

But then again, too few to mention

I did what I had to do

Although I never found redemption

I've planned each ugly swipe

Each gormless shot along the highway

But more, much more than this

I did it my way

There were times,

I'm sure you knew

When I was always out for two

But through it all,

There was no doubt

You always knew that I’d get out

I’d miss the ball with each shot I’d play

But did it my way

I've loved this Offley side

But I’ve had my fill, my share of losing

And yes, I’ve bowled some wides

Although they weren’t always by my choosing

You’d never guess I’d held a bat

Just by looking at my average

And though I piled up the ducks

I did it my way


You all know that I’ve been shit

What can I say? Now I can’t care less

I always tried to do my best

But in the end I was hopeless

But now I’ve scored my last duck

And I couldn’t give a fuck

I’m heading off, I’ve had my day

I did it my way