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Mathew Freeman


Comfortably the most injury-prone player in the club’s history, Freeman has displayed a stunning propensity to fall victim to all manner of injuries both on and off the field. A collision with a pallet truck almost ended his season before it had even begun and his frequent trips to the toilet before, during and after games have led to some considerable debate as to the state of his health. He really is a quite sickly child, a condition that is not greatly helped by a chronic fear of dogs.

On those improbable days when Freeman – who is expected to leave his body to medical science – actually makes it on to the pitch he has proved to be a dangerous proposition for batsmen. His slingy action and ability to deliver a heavy ball that gets up around the batsman’s ears suggests that if ever casts aside his crutches and stays healthy for more than three weeks he could be a real force. His development has been plagued by no balls and the tendency to overstep is a concern. He produced a fine performance at Kempston to help turn a game that had been drifting away on a sea of drops. On that day he ran in with pace and determination for 10 overs to take three wickets and confound the sceptics that he could not be relied upon to bowl more than three overs in a row without needing to go and have a lie down.

His batting remains a work in progress. He has undoubted power but also appears to have a slightly unhealthy fear of the ball and is happiest going in down the order with a license to swing. Attempts to promote him up the order met with little success. His fielding is relatively maladroit but he produced some surprisingly good stops at times and his commitment is not in doubt, even if some of his attempts would embarrass a pensioner or small girl. His catching has improved and the sight of Freeman circling under a skyer no longer provokes quite the same feeling of dread and certainty that the ball is shortly to collide with the earth. He enjoyed a slightly disappointing tour where he racked up a fairly ridiculous amount of fines and failed to score a run or take a wicket.