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Stephen Bexfield

Steve Bexfield led the team in their first fixture and since then has played a prominent role in the club’s progress on and off the field, often skippering the team and never afraid to offer helpful and constructive advice to other captains. A dedicated exponent of pad play, the gritty Bexfield has worn out several pairs of pads and even a couple of bats in the cause of Offley & Stopsley, guiding the club to the Millman League title in 2000.

The angry young man of Stopsley has been replaced by a more mellow character at Offley as he heads towards his 40th birthday. Old adversaries such as Mansfield and Willis have been embraced with friendship (regardless of the raised eyebrows from some of his more unforgiving colleagues) while he has added the faintest hint of diplomacy to his unbridled passion. Happily he still possesses the ability to lose it at any time.

Bexfield has made his mark as an opening batsman, doggedly padding back half volleys and carefully guiding long hops into the gaps for singles. He has traditionally established himself as the cornerstone of the innings and his determination to see off the new ball and pick up the singles have laid the groundwork for some hefty totals. His avowed intent to “be there at the end” has often born fruit although one wonders what he might have achieved had he been prepared to open up and play his shots before the last 10 overs of the innings. As it is he is generally happy to eschew ambition in favour of accumulation providing a suitable foil to some of the club’s more expansive stroke players.

His bowling is used less frequently than in the past and while he still has the ability to bowl at a useful medium pace and can generate movement off the pitch batting is now his main strength after opting to dispense with his all-rounder status. His fielding remains a curate’s egg. Over the years he has demonstrated a surprising consistency for throwing down the stumps and has also used his speed and arm to good effect as a sweeper. However, catches remain an adventure and he rarely manages to inspire complete confidence as he waits for the ball to descend into his waiting hands.