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Blackpool Cricket Tour 2012







Match Report Scorecard
Tour 27 Aug Fulwood & Broughton A 13:00 Cancelled - Rain    
Tour 28 Aug Pitch and Putt at St Annes                

Won by Richie Barker

Tour 29 Aug Thornton  &  Cleveleys A 13:30 Won by 5 Wkts  


Tour 30 Aug Blackpool A 13:30 Lost by 5 runs  


Tour Details and Arrangements

We will be staying at The Lawton Hotel - http://www.thelawtonhotel.co.uk/

Room Mates

Bexfield-Shiny Cooper
Tattersall-Lunney-one day tourists (this is a triple room)
Keith Towndrow is hiring space in Scott Addy's van!
Cliff Large staying at his mates place round the corner

Car arrangements listed below with the driver first and passengers listed after them.

Cliff Large-Darren Lunney-Lewis Stone
Jon Cerasale-Richie Barker-Josh Hook
Mark Tattersall-Steve Bexfield-Colin Keeley
Matt Freeman is coming for the Monday and driving himself
Martin McCulley is coming Tuesday, going home Thursday driving himself.
Darrell Cooper is on the train.
Gary Law is coming for the Thursday game and driving himself.
Scott Addy.......well who knows!!

With it being Bank Holiday Monday it would be wise to make an early start so be ready for your driver to pick you up at 6am.

OSCC Golf Championship

No fixture has been arranged for the Tuesday in order for the Golf bunfight to be played, Tatts will have a 50 handicap and the rest of us are just rubbish (he knows that, so no surprise that there is a prize on offer for the winner)

Fancy Dress Night

This years theme is Germany! You will be expected to dress in a way that suggests Germany. (Hitler and the nazis not allowed).

Congratulations to all who took part, it was a great effort. We had a Steffi Graf, lots of football fans with mullets. Josef Mengel, achres of leiderhosen a fella with a javelin through his neck and Kraftwerk showing up. Well Done! Pictures to follow on the pics page.

Fines Committee

Following the runaway success of the Club Court during recent tours (drinking together at midday at least guaranteed somewhere would be open), the fines committee will again be in session in the hotel bar prior to the games against Thornton & Cleveley and Blackpool to rule on any particular instances of incompetence, ineptitude and outstanding crassness. The procedure will be the same as always. Charges can be brought by anyone against anyone. Any spurious claims may result in the accuser themselves being fined for wasting the courts time. Any player found guilty by the incorruptable Mr Justice Tattersall will have the option of paying the 50p fine or appealing against his sentence and risk having the fine doubled in the event of a failed plea to High Court Judge, Mr Justice Barker.


In the event of heavy and prolonged rain and cancellation of fixtures, players are encouraged to drink heavily and irresponsibly. Be warned, the disastrous rain wrecked tour to Torquay in 1999 showed that a great deal of money is required and a spare liver. But this time we have the Pleasure Beach to look forward to, so rain may not be such a bad thing.