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The club’s AGM was held at Offley on February 8th where a number of issues were raised and the decision was taken to implement several new initiatives.


It was decided that membership would be paid in a single lump sum to cover the cost of social club membership as well as cricket club membership. Anyone wishing to play for Offley & Stopsley must be a member of the social club.

The cost was set at 40 overall, 32 membership of the cricket club and 8 membership of the social club.

Wayne Cutts was appointed Membership Secretary and will be responsible for collecting membership fees. However, you should all be aware that the emphasis is on you to pay and failure to comply will result in members being given preference over non-members when it comes to selection. There is no excuse not to pay and it is imperative to note that the club is dependent on the membership to maintain a solid financial position.

Ultimately no money means no cricket.

In addition the club’s life members – Steve Bexfield, Richie Barker, Martin Bigmore, Darren Lunney – all elected to waive that privilege and agreed to pay the annual membership fee.


The cost of match fees will remain the same in 2006. The full rate is 6 or 3 for students, unemployed or under-18s.


The issue of supporting the social club was raised. The club allow us to use the showers and pavilion facilities free of charge and also take care of the outfield. Consequently it is important that we show our support in return. One aspect that is not acceptable is of players leaving immediately after the game without staying for a drink. It should be remembered that cricket is a social event and that the post-match drink is a traditional part of the game at this or any other level.


After some debate it was decided to offer a financial incentive to Darrell Cooper for his work in preparing the wicket. Darrell submitted a proposal where he would be paid to prepare all pitches through the season and would be provided a kitty to cover all expenses. Under the agreement Darrell will cut and roll the wicket, prepare the pitch and mark it out for matches and look after the upkeep of the square.

SEASON 2006:

This season we have switched from the Millman League on a Saturday and will now compete in the Saracens Herts. League. The format involves 100 over games and 1:30pm starts. The team batting first has a maximum of 53 overs and draws are possible. There are 13 divisions in the league and we will begin in Division 11 with high hopes of a strong promotion push.

On Sundays we will continue to play in the North Herts. League and will once again be in the top flight. As far as we are aware this will remain a 2:00pm start featuring 40 overs per side.


It looks as if plans for a tour this season will have to be scrapped due to various reasons, primarily a lack of availability. However, it is hoped that we will be able to tour in 2007.


After the customary stampede of people to secure high office, the committee retained a familiar outlook.